Top Tech Covid-19 Gadgets Under Price Range of 2000Rs

Welcome Friends in this Article i tell Top Tech Covid-19 Gadgets under the Price range of 2000Rs. I tell only useful gadgets for Protecting From Corona Virus. These Gadgets are very useful you can buy for your home. In this article i don’t tell you about masks.

Sanitizer Gun

Sanitizer GunIn this lockdown Period safety is very important because When we go out from home and return to home so we use sanitizer on yourself and on the product which you go for purchasing it. This Sanitizer Gun is 1200w gun and also on or off switch is available for turning on and off the gun. When we on the sanitizer gun the light which is situated on gun should be blink. The tank comes with Sanitizer which you can fill with sanitizer when your sanitizer should be low amount in the Sanitizer Gun Tank. You can cleaned yourself in 5 minutes with this gun and also you can clean your children toys, your office beg, your Smartphone and also your laptop.  

Thermometer Gun

Thermometer GunIn this Lockdown Period when anyone come at your home. Your Safety is important so you can this person temperature without touching Anyone Person. You simply Put this Gun in your hand Point on the Head of person in a one second it tell the persons temperature. In the Normal mercury Thermometer it display the temperature when we put Thermometer for 5 mins in mouth but in digial Thermometer gun can talk the temperature within one second. This is best gadget for checking temperature of Kids, Adults and also this gun is certified by CE, ROHS, CNAS.  

Hesley Finger Pulse Oximeter

Hesley Finger Pulse OximeterIn this Lockdown Period Oximeter for checking the oxygen level. If in your family any adult person should be live with you so this gadget is best for checking the time to time the level of oxygen in your adult person body. And also when you long press on display it converts the PR to PI%. The feature is available which are Pulse Beat icon, Pulse Bar Graph, Pulse Rate Display, lanyard hole, Battery Power Indicator, and also come with 2 colour oled light. This device is water resistant, high Accuracy, and also with Auto on/off feature. This device is user friendly and also low battery indicator. The box content are Oximeter, Usermanual, 2 AAA batteries and also with Carrying pouch. 

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